Lip Tattoo

Why get a lip tattoo?

When I first started out in semi-permanent makeup, I really didn’t understand why someone would want to get a lip tattoo.  I mean why would you always want to have on the same colour day after day?  Well, that was a long time ago, and boy have I learned a lot with age.  I worked as a makeup trainer with Mac Cosmetics for over 18 years, and it was only when I got older (a lot older) that I realised ‘I don’t want to be spending all my time on my makeup every day’.  I just wanted to look like a better version of myself and spend the littlest amount of time doing so.  

A lip tattoo does not heal to a bold colour

What I also didn’t realise was that just because you get a lip tattoo, does not mean it’s going to be a bold colour.  Semi-permanent lips are meant to give you a natural boost to your own lip colour so you can wear just a gloss or chapstick and look like you have a natural lip colour on.  When you go out at night or want to put a little more makeup on, you can wear whatever colour you’d like on top of it.  I love that you have that option.  


Here are the top benefits of getting a lip tattoo:

1.  It can help you look younger – as we age, we lose the radiance and plumpness that our younger skin gives and sometimes that means we lose the natural pink tones in our lips.  They just tend to look more ‘dull’ the older we get ?
2.  It stays on all day and night! – It won’t smudge off, smear, or give those little kiss prints on our loved ones faces.  ?
3.  It saves you bucket loads of time when getting ready….AND less to remove at night!  Win! ⭐️
4.  It can last between 1-5 years (results vary) – This really depends on how your body heals, everyone is different…but it’s super low maintenance.
5.  Saves you money on makeup purchases ?
6.  Your lips will look fuller, more defined, and balanced.  This is also a huge benefit for those that have difficulties with eyesight or medical conditions that prevent them from being able to apply their makeup.
7.  Perfect for those that are allergic to conventional makeup

So what happens when you get a lip tattoo?

The lips are a completely different type of skin in comparison to our eyebrows and eyelids.  As with all semi-permanent procedures, this is a 2-3 step process.  It will not be complete on your first treatment.  Your lips will look really bright and bold straight after for about 1-2 weeks (depending on how your body heals)  They will most likely swell which is also normal but this can be easily treated with a cold-press.  

There are various stages to the lip tattoo healing process.  

The most important part is that you keep them moisturised at all times during the first couple of weeks.  When I had mine done, I put healing cream on about every half hour.  This will really help them to peel/chap less and will preserve more of the colour.  You might also find that your colour might fade too much, or the shape loses it’s crispness but that’s ok too.  

The first treatment is more of creating a foundation.  

When you have your touch up, the colour and shape will be adjusted as needed and you’ll retain the pigment much better.  If you decide to get a lip tattoo, they will always heal to a more natural colour/tone.  If you’re interested in a bold lip colour, semi-permanent lips are not the answer, however you can always wear a lipstick on top and because your lips will be a more natural tone, it won’t affect the colour. 

natural permanent lips chelmsford
natural permanent lips chelmsford

Lip Expectations

There is a big difference between lip fillers and semi-permanent makeup.  Lip fillers will make your lips fuller and can also help them to look more balanced.  Semi-permanent makeup will add colour to your lips and also help to balance them out.  

Would a lip tattoo make my lips look fuller?

I’ve been asked this question a few times.  The answer is ‘to a degree’, and it depends on what your version of ‘fuller’ means.  Let’s take the above example, the client above has natural, balanced, full lips to begin with.  The next photo shows the addition a lip tattoo which does help them to look fuller, but not a drastic change.  

The skin on the lips is different to the rest of the skin on our face.  

This means that if the tattoo goes too much higher than the natural lip line, the pigment will heal to a different colour (could heal darker, brighter, or a completely different colour all together).  This is also the reason I said ‘to a degree’ if I would recommend semi-permanent makeup to someone that wanted their lips to look fuller.  This is a fantastic treatment for someone that just needs that little extra help but still wants their lips to look natural.  

Lip Services Explained

lip tattoo essex

1. Lip Liner – This would be a lining of the lips in a natural tone.  This treatment would be perfect someone whose lips are not symmetrical and just need a little balancing.  I would also recommend this treatment to someone that likes to wear lipstick on a daily basis and likes their lips to be more defined.

lip tattoo essex

2.  Lip Blush – This is a lip liner but with the colour blended into the lip.  You don’t really see a defined line.  This is great for someone that needs their lips balanced, and is most recommended for someone that doesn’t wear lipstick on a daily basis because when you’re not wearing lipstick, there is no noticeable line.  You can put on a gloss, chapstick, or lip conditioner and you’ll have a beautiful natural tone that will never smudge, smear, or wash off.  

lip tattoo essex

3.  Full Lip Colour – This is all over lip colour.  There is no defined line and the colour is blended around the whole lip.  I would recommend this treatment for someone who has little to no natural lip pigment, or someone that would like to change their natural lip colour tone. As with all of the different styles of semi-permanent lips, you can wear lipstick if you choose.

Pain Management

I think you’d be surprised to know that there really isn’t any pain during the procedure.  It varies from person to person, but I haven’t had any complaints yet!  Some people find it a little uncomfortable, but that’s only because the cupids bow is the most sensitive part.  Most people don’t feel anything and find the procedure quite relaxing.  After the treatment, your lips might feel a little tight and swollen but you won’t need to take any time off work.  When I had my lips done, they felt like they were a little sun burned, but I didn’t feel any pain at all.

Are you prone to cold sores?

Everyone carries the gene, but not everyone has a breakout.  Your lips will be going through trauma and if you’re prone to cold sores, you will want to either get  anti-viral medication from your GP, or get some over the counter viral medication such as Zovirax and use that a week before your procedure.

 Natural, semi-permanent lip colour

I can’t recommend this treatment enough, especially if you have lost your natural colour, shape, or are looking for something natural that gives you a more defined shape and helps you to look more radiant!  If you’re interested, you can contact me here.

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