My Rosacea Skin

Apparently I’ve had Rosacea for most of my adult life and I didn’t even know it!  I mean I’ve always had super red skin and spots, but I just thought that’s the way it was.  I was constantly searching on ways to ‘heal your skin’ but couldn’t find anything that worked!  I later found out that Rosacea skin can be sensitive to a whole list of things like alcohol, fragrance, sun, heat/cold, certain foods, etc.   In my opinion, my Rosacea was pretty severe.  Just take a look at the video below and you can judge for yourself.  I’ve always been so embarrassed about my skin and hated the fact that I had to put so much foundation on just to cover it.  

How do you know you have Rosacea?

Rosacea mostly affects adults and this usually happens after the age of 30.  There is so much information about this and if you’d like to know more, check this out.

I found out that I had Rosacea through a skin care professional. I was told that I had to ditch all of my current makeup and skincare that I was using ?  At that point, I wanted to learn as much as I could about how to treat Rosacea skin.  

What is Rosacea skin?

What I learned was that Rosacea is a form of very sensitive skin.  I can’t even use most products whether they’re luxury or high street brands.  The things I stay away from in products are alcohol, added fragrance, and talc.  Not all alcohol is bad, but as long as it’s down at the very bottom in the list of ingredients, then it should be ok.  You know what’s funny is that for years my skincare and foundation always stung a little when I applied it to my face, but I just got use to it.  I thought that was normal!  

How do you treat Rosacea skin?

Treating Rosacea is different for everyone.  There is no ‘cure’ for it, but you can calm down your skin to the point where it looks pretty normal.  I’ve been having Azelac Acid peels once a week.  In total, I’ve had 8 peels.  It is a very gentle treatment and my face didn’t flake or peel off.  It didn’t even hurt, but it did sting the first time. You might be wondering what skincare and makeup I use now.  I keep it pretty simple these days, but pay most attention to my skincare.  Here is a list of the products I use.

Heal Your Skin

heal your skin

1. Glo Skin Beauty – Conditioning Mist – I just love this product so much.  Toners have gotten a bad name the last few years because they’re associated with stripping the skin of their natural oils.  This product does exactly the opposite.  It hydrates, soothes, and protects the skin whilst removing any excess dirt!  So the first thing I do before I add any products is cleanse my skin with this product and it feels super hydrated and ready for everything else.  I love it so much that I learned how to make it myself!  Let me know if you’d like to read about that.

heal your skin

2.  Medik8 – B5 Serum – This is a lightweight hydrating gel serum that has B5 and Hyaluronic Acid which is essential for retaining water in the skin.  It feels a little slimy at first, but my skin is so dry and dehydrated, it absorbed it in a matter of seconds.  I use it morning and night.

rosacea skin

3. Sesderma – Azelac Acid Moisturiser – This instantly improves the redness in my skin and is specifically made for Rosacea skin.  Sometimes it tingles a little, but that lets me know that the product is working. I’ve never heard of Azelac Acid before and I can’t believe it’s not more widely known!  This is a miracle treatment and I just want to tell everyone about it!

rosacea skin


4.  Heliocare – SPF 50 – This is a must for anyone with sensitive skin.  It reduces sun-induced allergic reactions.  It has advanced UV protection that goes way beyond traditional sunscreens.  One of the things I love about this is that it doesn’t smell like traditional sunscreen.  It actually smells like a lovely moisturiser.  It also acts like a foundation primer!  My foundation stays put all day and doesn’t run off.  It also doesn’t make me look matte/dry because most high factor sunscreens do tend to make the skin look drier and this one makes me look more dewy!  It is incredible!


rosacea skin


5.  Glo Skin Beauty – Loose Powder Foundation – I can’t believe that I use a powder foundation!  I’ve always loved liquid, but it’s hard to find one that my skin can handle.  I sometimes use the Glo Minerals tinted cream foundation but this powder is uh-mazing!  It gives a dewy finish and medium-full coverage.  How many powders do you know that give a dewy finish?  Exactly.  When I first used this product, my skin felt so calm, covered, and nurtured.  Game changer!  I mentioned above that talc is something I need to stay away from and pretty much all powders contain it.  Mineral products don’t contain talc, and for my skin, I can really feel the difference.

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